Flagship Restaurant Group gave me the opportunity to take the idea of a Japanese inspired American Bistro driven by open flame, live-fire cooking and create a complete brand package for their restaurant concept.
The first step was coming up with a name, and from there to create a brand story and mood for the architect to take and run with.  The term “pyro” came to mind in reference to a pyromaniac, and their obsession with fire. The brand began to come together soon after it’s name was decided on, and from there a seductive tagline came to life.  “Our obsession goes beyond the flame” started the story and eventually became what is now the elevated dining experience you’ll find in the heart of central Phoenix. 
"With each spark from our wood burning hearth, we ignite the energy that flows through the doors and into your senses. Our diverse menu walks a fine line between Japanese Izakaya and American Bistro, and our chefs prepare dishes using open flame, live-fire cooking that allows the enhanced natural flavors of the ingredients to shine through. A refined yet inviting atmosphere is paralleled with a lush exterior patio, just as an elevated dining experience is matched with an intentionally energetic cocktail bar where the vibe flows through each pour and each beat of music. Flame-licked steaks and intoxicating energy will leave you yearning for a taste of more at Pyro."
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